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Introducing Robin Shaman

Ha ha! I get to rhyme Robin's name, too! This is a really good one, considering I started with Robin Bobbin.

Robin, Robin, Robin. I just love Robin. Let me just tell you how great she is.

First of all, she kind of is a shaman. The people in her life periodically give her great amounts of grief, but after the initial slam, she steps back and analyzes each situation and why the person acts that way and what could be done to help the person or the situation heal. If she doesn't know, she researches and consults with experts. Robin is a Jedi-level researcher. As a result, she knows a whole lot about everything, but most compassionately, about people and what they need.

She is shaman to five terrific kids. Her youngest falls in age right between my 2nd and 3rd, so she has always been my go-to for raising-kids advice. Some of my favorites include:
   * The best way to clean the house is to have your husband take all the kids somewhere ELSE.
   * Church and Scouting programs are good for …

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