Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Dust Off Your Hiking Boots - Here We Go!

We should start a hiking blog!  Time passes . . .  When are we going to start that hiking blog? Time passes . . . I created our blog and sent you a link.  Now you can go ahead and post!  Much more time passes . . .

Oh, my heck!  Okay.  Fine.

So, Katy and I have been hiking together for a couple years now.  She started talking about a blog on about our third hike together, and she's mentioned it almost every time we've hiked together since - "We should put this on our blog!  Hint, hint."

Her proposed plan was that I write and she manages.  Which sounds great in theory.  I like to write.  I'm the one who takes all the pictures and posts on Facebook and Instagram.  Makes sense that I would do this part.

But, life.  You know.

Anyway, here we go.  Fingers crossed I can actually keep this up.

I feel like we need introductory posts, so you know who we are, but I'm sick of writing about myself (which I've done a lot on my personal blog).  So I decided we should each tell you about the other person.  That means I get to tell you about Katy - which is awesome because I adore her (even if she's super persistent).  That'll be my next post.

Here's a pretty picture from one of our hikes to enjoy in the meantime!

Hobble Creek Canyon; above Springville, Utah; March 28, 2018